The End Is Where We Begin

The End Is Where We Begin
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Release Date
April 17, 2012
TFK Music

Style: Testosterone rock; compare to Red ,TobyMac, Linkin Park

Top tracks: "Light Up the Sky," "We Are," "All I Need to Know"

The Canadian trio steps away from its longtime label (Tooth & Nail), takes a nostalgic glance at its origins, then lights a fuse and blasts ahead full throttle. This collection mainlines adrenaline and rocks a tight, muscular base of nu metal power and subtle but clear spirituality. The band makes some bold choices that pay off with versatility. Hip-hop verses and vibes a la Beastie Boys or P.O.D. could sound like outdated rapcore, but they bring variety in limited doses thanks to frontman Trevor McNevan's nimble lyricism—not deep but sprightly syntax. Some choruses mire in repetition, and the cybermilitant intro and outro are hokey-cliché—missteps probably overlooked by a young, fist-pumping fanbase.

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