Last week's deadly highway accident involving a church bus in Tennessee made national headlines and left experts wondering what safety measures could have been taken to prevent the tragedy that killed eight people.

The accident occurred Wednesday, October 2, after a tire on the Front Street Baptist Church bus blew out, causing the vehicle to swerve through a median into oncoming traffic. The bus, which was carrying 18 seniors coming home from a church event, then collided with an SUV and a semi-truck before flipping onto its side. Six passengers in the bus were killed, along with one person in the SUV and one in the truck.

Dandridge fire chief Andrew Riley described the scene to the Knoxville News Sentinel as a "war zone," and although many bystanders jumped in to help the injured, some died before emergency medical crews arrived.

"We know that God is in control and we know that he is able to heal," said Front Street Baptist Church pastor Rick Cruz in a press conference. "Even in this difficult time we do rejoice in the fact that six of our loved ones are in heaven with the Lord right now."

The investigation into the wreck is ongoing, but the incident is reminiscent of other church vehicle accidents, many involving 15-passenger vans.

When an innocent road trip takes a deadly turn

The Tennessee accident and many other church vehicle accidents share a common pattern: a tire blows out, the driver loses control, the vehicle flips, and the result is deadly.

That's what happened in a recent accident near Ft. Myers, Florida, when a church van flipped and killed three people. When the a tire blew out in a van belonging to the Maranatha French (Mission Group) Seventh-day Adventist ...

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