Can You Control Yourself?

I loved Wright’s article on self-control. Scientific, realistic, and hopeful, and applicable to so many domains!


I resonate with all four of the strategies for self-control put forth by Bradley Wright and David Carreon. Perhaps a fifth strategy would be to remember how self-control translates across all of life. In other words, if I’m disciplined in my eating, I will have better success with chastity, and so on.

Gideon Yutzy Hutchinson, KS

There has been a bit of a revolution in this area of social psychology, and many people who study self-control and willpower are becoming convinced that the ego depletion theory of self-control was incorrect. The biggest problem with the theory is that the experimental effect doesn’t replicate. Self-control is neither muscle nor battery, and it does not deplete. Self-control only appears to wane because priorities change. It is much more like an emotion (radical idea), in which one approach to developing self-control is strengthening the ability to tolerate the aversive emotion of ambivalence when faced with competing priorities.

Joel Hughes Professor of clinical psychology, Kent State University Kent, OH

What to Make of Donald Trump’s Soul

“What to Make of Donald Trump’s Soul” gave me pause and a path to restoring my own soul. Since Donald Trump’s election, I have lived in a state of disbelief and anxiety which has been exacerbated by the path he has taken on immigration, the environment, and now health care. For 35 years, I worked in health care and I can say with certainty that my children’s families will all be adversely affected by the new health care bill, with potential loss of both health care ...

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