Welcome to the final episode (at least for now) of “Promised Land,” CT’s limited series on the Israel-Hamas war. This episode is a little different—instead of host Mike Cosper talking to Christians, Muslims, and Jews around the world, he’s the one answering questions. Clarissa Moll, producer of CT’s The Bulletin, interviews Cosper about his experience of hosting the series.

Cosper shares what drew him to this project, how he sees its value within the rest of CT’s reporting, and why he selected his specific interviewees. He and Moll discuss how Christian perspectives on Israel and Palestine have shifted in recent years. They consider the impact of the fog of war on the podcast and address critical feedback of “Promised Land,” specifically listener responses that say the show has ignored human rights violations committed by Israel and not acknowledged the failures of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tune in for an episode that dives deep into the nuances of the Israel-Palestine relationship and speaks clearly to ways Christians can pray for their brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

“Promised Land” is a limited series exploring the moral, spiritual, and political challenges presented by the Israel-Hamas war. Host Mike Cosper (The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill) takes listeners with him to locations across the US, Israel, and Palestine, bringing you into the homes, lives, and stories of people for whom this conflict is their everyday experience.

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