It’s often easier to run away from life’s greatest messes. However, Back2Back Ministries’ codirectors Todd and Beth Guckenberger are proof that we can often find our purpose in the chaos. In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, Todd and Beth discuss how God turned their passion for orphan care into a 350-person nonprofit organization.

Guest Bio

Codirectors of Back2Back Ministries, Todd and Beth Guckenberger have dedicated their lives to international orphan care missions. Spread across nine locations, 350 Back2Back staff members work relentlessly to find new and creative solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable children and their families. Todd and Beth also lead a family of 13, made up of 11 adoptive, biological, and fostered children

Notes & Quotes

  • “The majority of the way you share the gospel is not even always with words, and the words just sit on top of the actions.”
  • “The world tells me I’m better because I was born into a biological family . . . . But that is not the way God sees things.”
  • “God’s overwhelming love for us is not limited to us. It’s only limited because we don’t express it or share it or serve somebody.”

From Our Daily Bread Ministries in partnership with Christianity Today.