John Bunyan

1628 Bunyan born

1644 Drafted into the Parlimentary army

1649 Marries first wife

1651 Bunyan comes under ministry of John Gifford

1653 Bunyan baptized

1656 First preaches in public

1656 Publishes Some Gospel Truths Opened

1658 First wife dies; left with four children

1659 Marries Elizabeth

1660 Improsioned until 1672 for unlicensed preaching

1666 Grace Abounding published

1672 Called as pastor of Bedford church (Jan. 21)

1672 Released from prison

1672 Licensed as Congregational preacher (May 9)

1675 Warrant issued for Bunyan’s arrest

1677 Inprisioned for six months for not attending parish church

1678 Pilgrim’s Progress, Part 1, published

1682 Holy War published

1684 Pilgrim’s Progress, Part 2, published

1688 Bunyan dies

1692 Elizabeth dies

English Monarchy

Elizabeth I (1558–1603)

James I (1603–1625)

Charles I (1625–1649)

Civil War (1642–1646)

Cromwell’s Protectorate (1649–1660)

Charles II (1660–1685)

James II (1685–1689)

William & Mary (1689–1702)

World Events

1603 Scotland and England united

1605 Gunpowder plot stirs hatred of Roman Catholics

1606 Plague in London

1608 John Milton born (1608–1674)

1611 King James Bible completed

1616 William Shakespeare dies

1617 Calvin’s completed works published in Geneva (posth.)

1618–1648 Thiry Years War in Europe

1620 Mayflower leaves Plymouth, England

1622 James I dissolves Parliment

1628 Parliment makes Petition of Rights

1628 William Harvey publishes work on blood circulation

1633 Galileo forced to renounce heretical ideas

1633 William Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury

1642 Sir Isaac Newton born (1642–1727)

1644 William Penn born (1644–1718)

1648 George Fox founds Society of Friends

1650 Bishop James Ussher calculates beginning of world as 4004 b.c.

1653 Rump Parliment dissolved

1655 Jews readmitted to England

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