General World History

Before 1000

800 Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor

935 Wang Chien establishes central monarchy in China

954–55 Norman invasions of France

963–1025 Basil II is Byzantine emperor

981 Eric the Red visits Greenland

988 Vikings attack England


1000 Leif Ericsson reaches America

1054 The Great Separation between Eastern and Western Churches takes place, and largely remains to this day

1066 The Normans conquer England

1071 Byzantine Empire is defeated by Turks at Manzikert

1096–99 First Crusade: to Jerusalem


1100–1135 The first of the Henrys rules in England

1113–1115 Bernard joins the Christian Order, becomes first abbot of Clairvaux

1170 Thomas Becket is murdered

1182–1226 St. Francis of Assisi lives

1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem


1200 Islam begins to replace Indian religions

1215 King John signs Magna Carta

1228-29 Sixth Crusade: Jerusalem regained

1244–1917 Jerusalem in Muslim hands

1260–94 Kublai Khan is emperor of China

1270 Eighth Crusade: to Tunis

1271–95 Marco Polo journeys to China

1273 Rise of Hapsburg family begins

1274 Thomas Aquinas dies

1275 The earliest recorded human dissection takes place

1280–1368 Yuan Dynasty rules China


1305–76 Popes reside at Avignon

1327 Aztecs establish Mexico City

1328–1384 John Wycliffe lives

1348–1453 Hundred Years’ War

1348–50 Black Death ravages Europe

1368–1644 Ming Dynasty in China

1378–1417 The Great schism divides the papacy


1415 Jan Hus is martyred

1420–33 Hussite Wars

1431 Joan of Arc burned

1479–1516 Ferdinand and Isabella rule in Spain

1485–1509 Henry VII, the first Tudor king of

1492–1504 Christopher Columbus discovers America, recrosses Atlantic four times

1490 The first orphanages are established in Italy and Holland


1500 In Europe, the end of the ...

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