The Life of Michelangelo

1475 Born in Caprese on March 6; family moves back to Florence, following the short stay in Caprese

1481 Mother dies in Florence

1485 Enters grammar school taught by humanist Francesco da Urbino

1488 Apprenticed in a painter's workshop run by the Gbirlandaio brothers

1490 Decides to pursue sculpture and begins work in the Medici Gardens

1494 Leaves Florence before the expulsion of the Medici and eventually ends up in Rome in 1496

1499 Completes the St. Peter's Pietà, which establishes his reputation in Rome

1501 Returns to Florerlce and receives commission to sculpt the David, which he completes in 1504

1504 Paints the Doni Tondo

1505 Back in Rome, he begins work on Julius U's tomb

1508- 1512 Paints the Sistine Chapel ceiling

1519 Begins designing the Medici Chapel in Florence

1524 Commissioned to design the Laurentian Library in Florence

1527-1530 Builds fortifications for the Florentine republic

1532 Meets Tommaso Cavalieri

1535 Pope Paul Ill commissions Michelangelo to paint the Last Judgment; Michelangelo meets Vittoria Colonna; gives "presentation drawings" to Colonna and other friends

1541Last Judgment is unveiled

1546-1550 Paints the Pauline Chapel frescoes (The Crucifixion of Peter and The Conversion of Paul)

1547 Vittoria Colonna dies; Michelangelo is appointed chief architect of the new St. Peter's Basilica; begins the Florence Pietà that includes Nicodemus

1553 Ascanio Condivi publishes Life of Michelangelo

1560s Sculpting the Rondanini Pietà

1564 Dies on February 18 at age 89

The World of the Renaissance

1425 Masaccio paints The Trinity

1436 -1442 Fra Angelico paints Annunciation frescoes at San Marco

1438-1445 Council of Florence pursues unity with Greek Orthodox Church but ulilmately fails

1446-1450 ...

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