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Perry's November Surprise


Texas Gov. Rick Perry is leading somewhere around 14 percent in the polls for his re-election campaign. Might he need all 14 points? Or will he actually get a boost with yesterday's Dallas Morning News front-page story, "Perry believes non-Christians doomed"?

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Brief summary: Perry went to John Hagee's church Sunday, and Perry preached a sermon that included the sentence, "If you live your life and don't confess your sins to God almighty through the authority of Christ and his blood, I'm going to say this very plainly, you're going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket." Reporters asked if he disagreed with the sermon. Perry said no. Later, pressed further on the issue, Perry said:

I don't know that there's any human being that has the ability to interpret what God and his final decision-making is going to be. That's what the faith says. I understand, and my caveat there is that an all-knowing God certainly transcends my personal ability to make that ...
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