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The Laura Bush Effect, HIV & Africa

In times past, we've written about "The Bono Effect" – how megarock star Bono launched the DATA organization a few years back and then toured America, motivating Bono-loving evangelicals (and others) to jump into the global fight against crushing debt, HIV/AIDS, global poverty, and on behalf of fairer global trade with Africa.

Initially, I'll confess I had heavy skepticism about "the Bono effect" until it was staring at me across the table inside a Wheaton restaurant in 2005. I was having lunch with an local evangelical leader whose life was transformed by his personal activism against HIV in Africa. He dated that new commitment to Bono's high-profile visit to Wheaton College. Who knew?

Now for the update:

We need to take a look at "The Laura Bush effect" and how it's having influence on US policy, the American public, and our profile overseas. It's a no-brainer that Mrs. Bush is likely to retain her high approval ratings in opinion polls for years to come.

Recent opinion polls show that her ...

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