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The New CCM: Christ Community Music

Christian contemporary music wants in on the non-CCM action.

Jay Swartzendruber, editor of CCM, says, "We're going to start mixing indie and general market Christians such as The Fray, Mary J. Blige and Sufjan Stevens in with artists with traditional Christian label affiliation. Rather than define ?Christian music' just by its label or distribution, we're now defining it as Christian worldview music."

As if the genre weren't confused enough, this is going to clarify things?

Next, the press release touting the new CCM says:

As the grassroots contemporary Christian music scene mushroomed into a billion dollar industry, "Christian music" became widely regarded as an actual genre, even though it included rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, hardcore metal and other styles of music. As a result, many artists of faith who are reluctant to have their music defined by the Christian market have chosen to bypass it altogether. With this expanded view of "Christian music," CCM Magazine now celebrates the full spectrum of faith-fueled music and musicians.

I always thought ...

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