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Judas Iscariot still news 20 centuries later

Scholar's new Gospel of Judas translation places National Geographic project in doubt.

Like a lot of Christians, I watched the "Gospel of Judas" program on the National Geographic channel in 2006. It was a well-done program. But at the time, the entire endeavor was under a cloud. The manuscript's history has always been a problem. Then, the producers of the program, the codex owners, and several of the program's commentators all seemed to have agendas that conflicted with good scholarship.

Now, come to find out, another scholar has a fresh transliteration of the text that reflects a fundamentally different perspective than the one that NG provided.

You can get up to speed with this piece in the current US News & World report (Yahoo version). Journalist Jay Tolson notes:

Remember all the hoopla about the Gospel of Judas, the long-lost Gnostic text that depicted Judas not as wicked villain but as the Messiah's favorite, who was given the nasty job of betraying him because he understood Jesus's special mission better than anybody else did?Well, now it turns out that that might ...
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