Archbishop Affirms Ban on Gay Bishops, Same-sex Unions

As historic Lambeth closes, Williams admits communion remains in 'grave peril.'

Canterbury at the end of the Lambeth conference has become the land of many statements and restatements. But as predicted, there was no definitive action.

In summary, here are some of the things that did and did not happen:

1. Bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson did not gain official entrance to Lambeth. But he was frequently on site at the University of Kent, to the joy of some and the disgust of others.

2. Lambeth's 600 plus bishops (no official count or list has been released) did not approve an Anglican Convenant. Much discussion was held and more meetings on the covenant are expected lasting into 2009.

3. The Anglican Communion did avoid a formal split or schism. Yet even Rowan Williams admits the communion is still at 'gravel peril.'

4. Lambeth-attending conservative bishops and primates did voice much criticism of liberals and revisionist theology. But as yet the rhetoric of conservatives has not resulted in all revisionists clearly agreeing to bans on same-sex unions and gay ordinations. ...

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