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Huckabee's Surge Muddies Race

Political scientist gives analysis on Huckabee, other candidates.

Political science professor Allen Hertzke says it is best not to make predictions. Huckabee's surprising wins make the Republican waters murkier, says the director of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma.

I think the big story religiously is Huckabee's surge. I think it was unexpected by most of the experts and pundits. He had a shoestring budget, he barely was funded, yet he won five states basically on a tremendous turnout of evangelical Christians. It's really muddied up the Republican race pretty significantly. What looked like a might be a triumphant McCain victory is turning out to be something a little bit more drawn out I think.

Hertzke says the attitude among voters is quite different for the two parties.

It's a very unsettled race. A lot of Republicans are not really satisfied with the field of candidates. They're struggling to make their decisions. The other side is a little different because I think here's a lot of energy and excitement in the Democratic Party and the ...
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