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Report: Born Again Voters No Longer Favor Republicans


I'm camped out in front of the television with a case of Diet Pepsi and a Costco-sized bag of trail mix. With only 1% of the precincts reporting, Fox is calling Georgia for Obama, of course. While we wait for more results, you might read this announcement from the Barna Group:

If the election were held today, most born again voters would select the Democratic Party nominee for president, whoever that might be.

Barna's survey has two other angles that might be interesting for readers here.

More than one quarter of respondents contend that Mormons aren't Christian (57% of Evangelical Christians said the same).

Barna also evaluated voters who describe themselves as "deeply spiritual" and "concerned about the moral condition of the United States." That segment represents 35% of the electorate:

This group proved to be somewhat more conservative in its political views (42% are "mostly conservative") and slightly more inclined than the national population to be registered as Republican (35% Republican, ...

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