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Obama explains intersection of faith and politics

An overlooked comment from Barack Obama's Trinity-split news conference

I was at a wedding Saturday, and by the time I returned to my computer the next day, Barack Obama's split from Trinity United Church of Christ was as appetizing as a cup of cold coffee, reported ad nauseum on the cover of the LA Times, on NPR, in the NY Times and everywhere else.

This didn't come as much of a surprise considering the steady stream of bad news from the church's pulpit, and it overshadowed a much more interesting story this weekend involving Christianity and Obama. (The fact it has received little attention has a lot more to do with the media's bloodlust than news judgment.) Toward the end of news conference Saturday a reporter asked, "Can you give us some context of how your spirituality, your practice of religion factors into your decision making process as a leader, as a politician?"

I've stated over and over that I believe the marriage between religion and politics is a precarious, insincere affair. But this reporter asked just about the only relevant question on the topic. ...

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