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Most Read Liveblog Posts of 2009

What you clicked on the most.

Christianity Today editors post a variety of news to Liveblog, and we find it interesting to see what piques your interest.

Earlier we posted the top 10 CT politics blog posts and the top 10 women's blog posts. Now, here are the top read Liveblog posts for 2009 (You can see 2008's most read here).

1. Ray Boltz Comes Out

By Mark Moring

2. Was Michael Jackson a Christian?

Initial rumors that the King of Pop had accepted Christ may have been false

By Mark Moring

3. Correcting the 'Mistakes' of TNIV and Inclusive NIV, Translators Will Revise NIV in 2011

"We fell short of the trust that was placed in us."

By Ted Olsen

4. Matt Chandler Has Mass on Frontal Lobe

Dallas area megachurch pastor suffered seizure on Thanksgiving.

By Ted Olsen

5. ELCA Approves Leaders in Same-Sex Relationships

Unlike yesterday's 2/3 vote approving a sexuality statement, resolutions today needed only a simple majority.

By Ted Olsen

6. James Dobson Resigns from Focus on the Family

Dobson will still host the radio show, write a monthly ...

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