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Dr. Jeee-kyll

The other night I saw the 1931 "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", starring Frederic March, on Turner Classic Movies. Wow, is it disturbing. Truly a horror film. As a pre-code talkie, it also has some surprisingly sexual moments with "Champagne Ivy", Miriam Hopkins. Rouben Mamoulian directed, and March won the Best Actor Oscar. (Reason for the entry title: everyone calls the lead character "Dr. Jeee-kyll").

What's disturbing is how effectively it shows that "The line between good and evil runs down the middle of the human heart" as Solzhenitsen said; how intractable, overwhelming the evil can be. Jekyll–an intelligent, well-behaved young doctor, a "good" person–believes that the good and evil inside a person can be separated, and invents a potion to do so. But it coalesces all the evil inside him, and releases it to control his whole person, becoming the cruel character Hyde. And bad stuff happens:

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVESREi5JhU)

That part is kind of scary, but that's not what makes ...

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