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Tom Joad's Ghost in New England?

Upcoming film to address economic collapse

New Hampshire's Either/Or Films, founded by a couple of Christians, is all set to begin production on Someplace Like America, which the company describes as "a contemporary tale set in the state's North Country after the closing of its paper mills.

"Focusing on the struggles of people who find themselves suddenly unemployed or even homeless, it reflects in dramatic and cinematic terms on the possibilities of personal and communal rebirth in the aftermath of economic collapse."

An image promoting a reading of the script includes this quote from a Bruce Springsteen song: "I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light, searching for the ghost of Tom Joad."

CT Movies critic Frederica Mathewes-Green recently interviewed Buzz McLaughlin, co-founder of Either/Or Films, which was named for a book by Soren Kierkegaard. The company's mission statement says they exist "for the purpose of developing and creating films of beauty and artistic excellence that provoke the public to engage with the providential mystery of grace."

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