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ESV Study Bible Sells Out

Crossway runs out of stock because of unexpected demand.

In just three months, Crossway has run out of the ESV Study Bible. They placed a reprint order for more ESV study Bibles a couple months ago, which should arrive at the end of February. Once that order is in, 250,000 copies will be in print.

"It has been a huge challenge to keep up with the demand ? especially since the lead time for doing a Bible reprint on this scale is 4 to 6 months," wrote Lane Dennis. It's remarkable that any book would be this hot at the end of 2008. Why is a 4 lb book flying off the shelves like this? Justin Taylor, managing editor of the ESV Study Bible, speculated that the sales are due to "Tens of thousands who want to invest in tools to better understand the hope and promises of God's Word."

Collin Hansen chose the surge in study Bibles (including the ESV) as his top theology story for 2008.

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