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The Top Faith-Offending Films

LA Times includes 'Passion,' 'Da Vinci Code,' 'Golden Compass' on list

The Los Angeles Times recently put together a feature called "Faith-Offending Films," starting, interestingly, with Falling, the latest film from Richard Dutcher, the former Mormon who had already alienated LDS fans with edgier and edgier movies. (LDS Review refused to review Falling because of its R rating, prompting quite a spirited debate in its comments.)

Included in the Times list was The Passion of The Christ . But why?

The Times wrote that it was offensive to Jews: "Its stark images of Jesus' crucifixion and the violence toward him, as well as villainous portrayals of many Jewish people, created a religious furor. Rabbis around the world said the film had the potential to transmit potent negative images, attitudes, stereotypes and caricatures about Jews and Judaism." (In an essay for CT, Jewish critic Michael Medved argued that it shouldn't have been offensive to Jews.)

Also on the Times list: Angels & Demons (for offensiveness to Catholics), The Golden Compass (Catholics), The Love ...

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