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Matt Chandler Has Mass on Frontal Lobe

Dallas area megachurch pastor suffered seizure on Thanksgiving.
Ted Olsen|

"I have a small mass In my frontal lobe," Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas, wrote on his Twitter feed. "[I have a date] with the neurosurgeon early next week."

A note at the church's website reads, "Matt Chandler suffered a seizure Thursday morning while at home, was taken to a nearby hospital and is now at home resting with his family. Matt hit his head when he suffered the seizure and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Doctors ran several tests on Matt and will continue to run tests in the coming days. We will keep you posted. Please pray for Matt, Lauren and the kids. The best we can do as a church body right now is to give him space and our prayers. He is surrounded by family members, the elders and friends."

Chandler, whose multisite church has a weekly attendance of about 6,000, has become a major conference draw and a leader in the Young Reformed movement. He talks about his ministry in the ...

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