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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

What do Mel Gibson, vampires and green aliens have in common? They all caught my eye this week...

Welcome to what will be a regular feature here at the Christianity Today Movies blog. Things That Caught My Eye This Week is exactly what it sounds like — short snippets of movie news and gossip that I thought was interesting enough to pass along. Enjoy!

The Passion of the Mel Gibson?

What do you do if you've directed an extraordinarily successful (if controversial) blockbuster and need to refurbish your tarnished image after a DUI and an embarrassing racist rant? Mel Gibson's answer may surprise you!

Jesus Christ Superstar to be remade?

Jesus Christ has always been a hot attraction on the big screen, even when films about him are controversial. Now it looks like the Son of God might become a cineplex superstar yet again – literally. Talks are underway for a "modern, hipstery take" in a remake of Jesus Christ, Superstar from (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

Not-So-Little Green Men

It's no ...

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