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Evangelical Attorney: Christians On Wrong Side Of Rifqa Fight


Now that controversy over the fate of Rifqa Bary – the teenage Christian convert who ran away from her Ohio home fearing her Muslim parents would kill her – has reached Elian Gonzalez proportions, many evangelicals may be tuning out the never-ending headlines.

But don't miss this one.

Craig McCarthy was the Orlando attorney representing Rifqa Bary's mother until Sept. 3. He is also a committed evangelical. And, contrary to those who have mobilized around Rifqa's cause, McCarthy believes her Sri Lankan parents are in the right.

McCarthy is "happy that the child knows Jesus." But he is concerned that "many Christian conservatives have allowed themselves to adopt a narrative and thus reach conclusions ... prematurely" – to the extent that their evangelistic zeal has led them to spread false information.

The core of his message: "Please recognize that the Lord is not so powerless as to need people to hide information, to embellish facts, or to give false witness in order to advance Christ's kingdom." ...

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