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Updated: Joshua Harris Resigns From Sovereign Grace Board Amid C. J. Mahaney Leave of Absence

Editor's note: The title of this post has been corrected, replacing the word "discipline" with "leave of absence," to more accurately reflect the SGM board's position toward Mahaney, explained here.

Earlier today, CT reported on C. J. Mahaney taking a leave of absence as president of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), a church planting network, in order to address "various expressions of pride." In the latest development, SGM announced today that pastor Joshua Harris, who succeeded Mahaney as Covenant Life Church's senior pastor in 2004, has resigned from SGM's board.

A statement from SGM interim president Dave Harvey cited differences over whether God is disciplining all of SGM and how to move forward and evaluate the claims against Mahaney. But Harvey said Harris had agreed to keep attending board meetings when requested and give counsel.

Multiple bloggers reported that Harris stated in his Sunday sermon that "our denomination is being publicly spanked, we are being humiliated and being brought low."

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