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Top Philosophy Prize Goes to Calvin College's Alvin Plantinga

Rescher Prize is latest in a series of honors for evangelical philosopher.

The University of Pittsburgh has announced that Alvin Plantinga, philosopher and professor emeritus of Calvin College's philosophy department, has received the prestigious Nicholas Rescher Prize for Contributions to Systematic Philosophy.

Calvin College called the award the "latest in a series of honors" for the philosopher, a Calvin alumnus and the inaugural holder of the school's William Harry Jellema Chair in Philosophy.

According to the Independent Institute, Plantinga is world renowned "for his work in the philosophy of religion, epistemology, metaphysics and Christian apologetics, and he has revolutionized scholarly interest in Christian theism."

The award is named in honor of distinguished philosopher and University of Pittsburgh professor Nicholas Rescher, and is awarded biennially to a philosopher (or philosophers) for their contributions to systematic philosophy.

CT has previously reported on Plantinga, interviewing him in 2011 on science and religion as well as debating whether Plantinga was the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. Plantinga also has been featured in CT articles on many topics, including the existence of God, the problem of evil, Calvinism, and reasons for doubt.

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