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Will University Strip C. S. Lewis from Science Course?

(UPDATED) Ball State decides intelligent design must go, but professor may stay.

Update (Aug. 5): A science class that drew scrutiny for asking state university students to read Christian authors (including Francis Collins, Lee Strobel, and C. S. Lewis) will be scrubbed to remove any discussion of intelligent design.

Bringing resolution to a much-discussed investigation, university president Jo Ann Gora cited "academic integrity" in restricting intelligent design to "humanities and social science courses" that also include discussion of a variety of worldviews.

"Our commitment to academic freedom is unflinching," she wrote. "However, it cannot be used as a shield to teach theories that have been rejected by the discipline under which a science course is taught."

Ball State is currently reviewing its "Boundaries of Science" course with professor Eric Hedin to ensure that the curriculum fits within university and academic standards. Its original syllabus—which included books by intelligent design proponents ...

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