A Parsonage or Housing Allowance-- Which is Better?

Manfred Holck, Jr., contrasts the viewpoints of pastors and congregations.

The Pastor's Point of View

It's hard to know. It all depends. Which way is better for whom-congregation or the pastor's family?

For pastors there's a number of reasons why a parsonage makes sense; why the housing allowance makes: sense too.

Why many pastors prefer parsonages.

1. When the pastor wakes up in the middle of the ~~: night, hears water running, and discovers there's a leak in the plumbing, what does he do? He calls the: parsonage committee. That's a major advantage of the parsonage. He doesn't have to bother with these problems personally. It's the committee's job to fix the leak. The congregation is the landlord; the pastor is only the tenant. No fuss, no mess. Leave it to the committee.

2. Not every house in every community is easily sold. If marketability or residential housing is - 0:g limited, a pastor should not become a home owner. A parsonage avoids the risk of a soft market. 51

3. For pastors eager to relocate quickly, the parsonage offers an immediate exit; no selling problem, ...

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