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The Story of Raising a Pastoral Family

An interview with David and Helen Seamands

David and Helen Seamands would be the first to admit there's no simple formula for raising a Christian family. It takes hard work, knowledge of child development, and firm convictions all forced through a grid of Scripture and constant prayer. "Even with all that, we don't pretend our way is the only right way," says David. "We realize it's only through God's grace that our three children (Sharon, Steve, and Debbie) have grown to Christian maturity and have three fine families of their own."

The Seamands have spent the last twenty years of their ministry at Wilmore United Methodist Church, Wilmore, Kentucky, a small (5,000 population) college community that's home to Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary. "We have 1,500 members, but over half are students, so we have a constantly changing congregation. It's challenging, because in a real sense we're a small church with a worldwide reach."

Before becoming pastor ...

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