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Problems From Readers

The following question comes from an elder in a suburban church with 800 memhers. The inquiry was discussed by Gene Getz, Richard Hunt, Frank Minirth, David Seamands, and Jim Smith participants in the discussion forum of LEADERSHIP's Fall 1980 issue. This answer is based on their discussion.

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I've been an elder at our church for one year now, and I'm not at all sure I was wise in accepting the responsibility. We just had our annual congregational meeting, and as we left, I felt weak, trapped, and out of ideas. This is unusual for me since I'm the manager of a small corporation that employs fifty people, and I have good administrative skills. I enjoy digging in and applying solutions to problems.

My first feeling of being trapped was our five-hour monthly elders meeting. There's a lot of business to be transacted in a church. ...

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