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Lakeport Wesleyan Church in Lakeport, Michigan, began a "Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice" program to motivate people to give sacrificially to missions. One Sunday, the pastor brought to the pulpit several items: a newspaper, a bottle of pop, a TV cable, and other consumer products.

He held them up one by one, challenging attenders to sacrifice one or more of these conveniences. The money saved would be donated to the missions budget. A pledge card listed these items with their monetary worth. For example, television cable was $24 per month and $288 per year. A restaurant menu represented one dinner out per week, which cost $45 per month and $540 per year.

People were invited to sign cards stating, "I am willing to pay for spreading the gospel, what I already pay for _____________."

The missions budget nearly tripled.


In mid-May, we sponsor a square dance to help nurture relationships within the congregation. We block off the street in front of the church ...

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