Building Your Leaders

How You Pay Volunteers

And get them to say yes next time

"It's tough to lead people who don't get paid for what they do." How many times have you heard a colleague in ministry say that?

Leading volunteers is not easy, but the issue of money may not be the problem. Here's why: all workers in today's highly competitive job market are, in essence, volunteers; every day they choose to leave or stay. Most valuable employees, especially in the technical field, frequently entertain job offers from headhunters. A friend, an IT professional, recently quit his job on Friday and started a new one the next Monday. He didn't plan on quitting, but when he did, he had several options.

Beyond that, every day, every hour, even paid employees decide how well they are going to work. Quality work, especially in creative or service sectors, has always been given, not extracted by a paycheck. Only volunteers go the extra mile—in business or in ministry.

So what makes people stay and produce if it isn't money? ...

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