Every leader needs to ask introspective questions. Several of the ones on the checklist below have caused me to reevaluate not just where I am, but who I am. They are in no particular order.

As this year unfolds, now is a great time to recalibrate yourself for the challenges and opportunities sure to come.

1. Is narcissism 90% of Twitter?

I mean come on. How can I really follow and read what 1,736 people have to say? Isn't it really all about having an audience of my own? So then, what is my motivation for doing it?

2. Is social media your newest time-waster?

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin wrote, "I'd like to posit that for idea workers, misusing Twitter, Facebook, and various forms of digital networking are the ultimate expression of procrastination. You can be busy, very busy, forever. The more you do, the longer the queue gets. The bigger your circle, the more connections are available."

3. Are we insulting Jesus with all the books and blogs denigrating his church?

I'm reading a thought-provoking ...

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