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What criteria do you use to measure whether or not your congregation is healthy and where it needs to grow?

Our measurement is based upon our four Core Values, the expression of which is not unique. We borrowed the words connect, grow, serve, and share. We define them as: connecting with God through genuine worship; growing to be more like Christ; serving others in Jesus' name; and sharing the good news. We emphasize that these values be carried out in community.

Because it is so difficult to assess the health of a congregation of any size, we use the Core Values to measure individual departments and then also make it possible for individuals to assess themselves. This follows a set process:

  1. Each staff member makes a presentation to the entire staff on how their area of ministry is addressing each Core Value.
  2. They line up their activities and initiatives against that grid for evaluation.
  3. Together we agree on what the strengths and opportunities are for that ministry area.
  4. Once all the staff has presented, we look for overall patterns. For instance, we felt that we were information-heavy as a church, focused too much on instruction. As a result, additional practical ministry projects and acts of service were incorporated into several of our programs.
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