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It's All in Your Head

Scripture places emormous emphasis on the renewal of our minds.

It's all in your head.

That phrase is typically used derisively—a dismissive diagnosis of someone's ailments. A man totters into his doctor's office, complaining of deep angst, sharp pains, lingering aches. Spasms twitch down his leg, his belly is on fire, his dreams are troubled. He's tormented by a host of symptoms. The doctor runs a battery of tests, asks a barrage of questions. Then he says this: "There's nothing wrong with you medically. It's all in your head."

That's not what I mean here. I mean our deepest problem before we got saved—the hostility between ourselves and God that took no less than the death of his Son to heal—was all in our heads. And I mean our deepest problem now that we are saved—the way we keep falling prey to old lies, succumbing to old habits, bowing before old idols, manifesting old attitudes—is all in our heads, too.

I best explain myself.

The Greek word for repentance means, at ...

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