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April 6, 1998Volume 42, Number 4
April 6
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Table of Contents
Evangelical instincts against her execution were right, but not because she was a Christian.
For two years, thousands have been jumping for joy.
Evangelical school teaches Mideast students.
The lonely journey of a passionate Puritan.
Art Gallery
Why Jesus "lost" his trial.
Take away the Resurrection and the center of Christianity collapses.
Inspired by Promise Keepers, upbeat events for women are flourishing while avoiding divisive issues.
What do you say after you say "I'm sorry"?
Authenticity is more than a matter of being who I am; it is a matter of being who God calls me to be.
Unless films like The Apostle succeed, other worthy motion pictures stand little chance of being produced.
The novelist as lapsed Calvinist.
Making the case for fidelity.
Relevance, we have surely mastered. What would happen if we sought a little irrelevance?
Promise Keepers Staff Lose Jobs
Series Examines Christian Origins
Cruz Launches Anti-Gang Campaign
Maine Repeals Homosexual Rights Law
Religion Leaders Cautious After Talks
Leaders Aim to Heal Ancient Schism
Christian Megaparty' Draws 120,000
Temple Mount on Shaky Ground?
How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile Faith
How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile Faith
Lessons on worshiping a consistently unpredictable God.