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July 10, 2000Volume 44, Number 8
July 10
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Table of Contents
If the pugilistic Harvard professor has it right, then Christian theology—even God—is irrelevant.
Michael Card argues that a proper view of Christ is a key to creativity.
The church need not divorce the military to remain a godly counterculture.
Bourgeois bohemians wield inordinate power over how we think about consumerism, morality—and faith itself.
What a dying infant taught her mother about God's ways.
God will hold us up and keep us safe, despite the times we've tripped.
Anxiety hangs over a culture when adults act like children.
Latin American publishers join together to promote regional writers.
Bestseller Left Behind's big-screen debut set for 2001.
A decade-old ethnic church blooms despite government suspicion.
The untold story of the freed slaves who brought Christ—and liberty—to West Africa. An interview with Lamin Sanneh.
A gay journalist and evangelical pastor correct their mutual misperceptions.
A paramilitary group in Uganda is abducting younger children to fill its ranks. Those who manage to escape are plagued with haunting memories.
Will abortion stances play an influential role in Vice Presidential selection?
The church can learn about grace from the recovery movement.
Question: What is the biblical hope and comfort we can offer a suicide victim's family and friends? —name withheld
Classic and contemporary excerpts on beauty, prayer, and loving God
Open trade with China will open ministry opportunities. But will human rights improve?
The unexpected support of house-church leaders helps turn the tide in the China trade debate, but Christians remain divided.
Religious Freedom Ruling Set
Is Amsterdam 2000 Graham's 'Swan Song'?
The church has an unprecedented chance to reach a generation burned by commitment-free sex
What about the unmarried in their postcollege years?
An unusual alliance promises more credit to Africa's poor.
Asserting the Bible's authority, Southern Baptists say pastors must be male.
Engagement with the culture has always required a steady, confident perseverance by Christians.
Top Story May 25, 2016
Ken Starr Fired? Baylor Reviews Investigation into Football Sex Scandal
Ken Starr Fired? Baylor Reviews Investigation into Football Sex Scandal
America's biggest Baptist university expected to announce changes next week.