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Calvary Chapel says Focus on the Family is inappropriate
KWVE, a California Christian radio station run by Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, has dropped Christian radio's most popular program, Focus on the Family, after 17 years. The broadcasts, hosted by James Dobson, "were not always reflecting the kind of content that fit with our primary purpose," the church board of directors explains on the radio station's website. The letter continues:

It all came to a head with a series of programs Focus broadcast earlier this year. The programs were called, "Women and Sexuality." In our opinion these three programs were not appropriate for our general audience. One of the programs was very verbally graphic concerning marital sex. In a portion of the program one of the women being interviewed declared, "We are not saying that a woman's experiencing of a physical orgasm is not important, but that can't be the total emphasis of the relationship." Dr. Dobson then asked, "But what about the use of vibrators in achieving an orgasm? From the aspect of a godly woman, does the Bible have anything to say about vibrators?"

It should be noted that the broadcasts began with a disclaimer that the content was not appropriate for young children, as Focus on the Family programs often do when discussing sexuality, abortion, or other potentially troubling topics. (But not always — today's broadcast, "A Message to Teens About Sex," doesn't have a warning, but is unlikely to raise any hackles.)

The letter also said, "The purpose of the station is not to promote Psychology as the answer to a person's problems, but to bring people into a deeper walk with God," but it's unclear from the context whether the church opposes Christian psychology — not ...

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Calvary Chapel Radio Drops 'Graphic' Focus on the Family
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