December (Web-only) 2009

Subscriber Access Only 'Health Care King Herod Would Love!'
Advocacy groups wrap up an unusually busy Christmas season and prepare for 2010.
Subscriber Access Only The White Ribbon
Michael Haneke's latest film is a deeply unsettling but purposely obscuring look at the cruelty embedded within the human heart.
Subscriber Access Only The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
Based on a long-lost screenplay by Tennessee Williams, this Southern tale of the 1920s fails to sparkle.
Subscriber Access Only Sacred Road
Subscriber Access Only My Top Ten Theology Stories of 2009
Counting down the events, debates, and books that shaped evangelical theology over the past year.
Subscriber Access Only The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Terry Gilliam's latest—and Heath Ledger's last—is a manic, confusing roller-coaster ride through guilt, imagination, and a battle for stories and souls.
Subscriber Access Only It's Complicated
Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin do a decent job with a script that mostly glorifies and glosses over indecency.
Subscriber Access Only Sherlock Holmes
Though this adaptation is sometimes incoherent, it’s nonetheless quirky, intelligent, action-packed, and lots of fun, thanks in large part to Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal.
Subscriber Access Only Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
The live-action/animation follow-up to the 2007 hit doesn’t bother much with plot and characterization, but squeaks by successfully on gags and chipmunk charm.
Subscriber Access Only Under Discussion
What was the most significant change in Christianity over the past decade?
Subscriber Access Only How to Have a Merry Christmas
And it doesn't require you doing another blessed thing.
Subscriber Access Only Voyage: Journey of Prayer
Subscriber Access Only Sex, Drugs and Self-Control
Subscriber Access Only Big Tour for Casting Crowns
Lead singer also adapting book for youth audiences. Plus: Matthew West earns top tune of 2009; Mercy Me's decade milestone; Hanson album by album and more.
Subscriber Access Only Working It Out
With his latest CD, rapper John Reuben wears his heart—and his struggles with faith and doubt—on his sleeve.
Subscriber Access Only Who Owns Your Christmas Carols?
No, Kim Hill didn't write 'O Holy Night.' But she holds a copyright for it.
Subscriber Access Only Political Prayers and Petitions
As political rhetoric focused on evil and injustice this week, prayer seemed to be the strategy of choice.
Subscriber Access Only Broken Embraces
Pedro Almodóvar, an impeccable director of emotionally sincere films, stumbles here with a muddled, largely uninteresting story of a blind filmmaker with a painful past.
Subscriber Access Only Nine
So much beauty and talent—not to mention the lush Italian countryside—grace the screen here. Too bad it's also so much wasted potential.
Subscriber Access Only Did You Hear About the Morgans?
This mostly funny fish-out-of-water tale touches on ideas about what makes a marriage work.
Subscriber Access Only Ugandan Bishop Pleads With American Christians on Anti-Homosexuality Bill
David Zac Niringiye, the Church of Uganda's assistant bishop of Kampala, says that American Christians should cultivate relationships before condemning the proposed legislation.
Subscriber Access Only Anti-Homosexuality Bill Divides Ugandan and American Christians
American pastors and leaders are united in condemning the legislation while Ugandans are united in support.
Subscriber Access Only Avatar
In his first movie since Titanic, James Cameron has made it worth the wait with a stunning milestone in filmmaking—and a storyline surprisingly rich in political and spiritual undertones.
Subscriber Access Only Why the Oral Roberts Obituaries Are Wrong
The "faith-healer" (who hated the term) may have done much to mainstream Pentecostalism, but he was no architect of the Prosperity Gospel.
Subscriber Access Only Pew Forum Releases Landmark Survey of International Religious Freedom
70 percent of the world lives in areas with high restrictions on religion, report says.
Subscriber Access Only God's Man in Tulsa: The Life and Ministry of the Original Televangelist
Oral Roberts was a larger-than-life figure in American Christianity.
Subscriber Access Only Q+A: Mark Rutland on Oral Roberts's Legacy
The Oral Roberts University president reflects on a man who had a big vision.
Subscriber Access Only Fund Raising: Did Oral Roberts Go Too Far?
The television evangelist links receiving $8 million to the extension of his earthly life.
Subscriber Access Only Night Castle
Subscriber Access Only Rocks into Rivers
Subscriber Access Only TobyMac Is Back
Artist readies fourth solo CD. Plus: Flyleaf No. 1 at Yahoo; Dylan's royalties distributed to charities; Furler switches from singer to painter; and more.
Subscriber Access Only Wilderness Songs
Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler of FFH have seen difficult times—including his MS diagnosis—since disbanding a couple years ago. But now they’re back.
Subscriber Access Only When the Pastor Suffers
Matt Chandler comforts an anxious church following his Thanksgiving seizure.
Subscriber Access Only Top Five News Stories: The Theology of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Speech
Plus: American-style syncretism, public view of clergy takes a hit, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Subscriber Access Only The Worst Week For Conservatives
Conservatives are licking their wounds from fights over abortion funding, health care reform, a gay-rights nominee, embryonic stem cell research, and Uganda's anti-gay law.
Subscriber Access Only The Lovely Bones
Style wins out over substance in this story of a murdered girl and the heavenly vantage point from which she continues to observe her killer on earth.
Subscriber Access Only Up in the Air
A trio of strong performances, witty dialogue, and a deft blend of snark and heart make this dramedy soar.
Subscriber Access Only Invictus
Morgan Freeman makes a magisterial Nelson Mandela in this inspiring, remarkable tale of politics meets rugby.
Subscriber Access Only Waiting for Jesus to Show Up
Moving from loving the idea of loving God to loving God.
Subscriber Access Only Top Five: After Abortion Defeat, Will Nelson Back Healthcare Bill Anyway?
Plus: Ireland defends its abortion laws, evangelical group argues for civil unions, a shift in "middle of the road" congregations, and other stories.
Subscriber Access Only A Statement On Prosperity Teaching
From the Lausanne Theology Working Group, Africa chapter at its consultations in Akropong, Ghana, 8-9 October, 2008 and 1-4 September 2009
Subscriber Access Only 3 Grammy Noms for 3D; BeBe Cleared
Band earns three nominations. Plus: BeBe Winans cleared of assault charges against ex-wife; Family Force 5 member falls ill; Switchfoot on TV twice; and more.
Subscriber Access Only Catching Up With ... Phil Keaggy
Inspired by family and friends, Phil Keaggy talks about his first vocal holiday recording, Welcome Inn, an acoustic musical treat recorded entirely at home.
Subscriber Access Only Top Five: Supreme Court Will Hear Christian Legal Society Case
Plus: Destroying shrines in Uganda, a COGIC abuse battle, North Carolina's atheist ban, and the latest on Matt Chandler.
Subscriber Access Only The Best Albums of 2009
Fireflies & Songs runaway No. 1 choice in CT's Top 12 Albums of the Year.
Subscriber Access Only Official Chinese Newspaper Publishes Call to Change Religion Policy
Religious freedom experts are surprised and cautiously optimistic, but disagree on proposal.
Subscriber Access Only Armored
A team of guards plans to rob the armored trucks they're sworn to protect, until one of them has a crisis of conscience in this so-so action thriller.
Subscriber Access Only Who Backs Obama's Afghanistan Strategy
Like the rest of us, advocacy groups came back from the Thanksgiving holiday to find a long to-do list waiting for them, filled with issues at home and abroad.
Subscriber Access Only Brothers
When one brother is presumed dead in the war in Afghanistan, the other steps in to help his family in this impressively acted American remake of a Danish film.
Subscriber Access Only Everybody's Fine
The acting and poignancy are much more than fine; unfortunately the film gets marred by a heavy-handed message. (Plus: Interview with director Kirk Jones.)
Subscriber Access Only Is Everybody Really Fine?
Kirk Jones, writer/director of Everybody's Fine, hopes his new film will inspire families to have more realistic expectations of one another.
Subscriber Access Only Q & A: Mike Huckabee
The 2008 Republican presidential candidate talks about his Christmas book, Sarah Palin, and who should be welcomed in the Republican Party.
Subscriber Access Only Should the Supreme Court Rule that Memorial Crosses are Secular?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Subscriber Access Only Casting Crowns Sets Sales Record
Band sells almost 170,000 for highest street week stats in Christian music history. Plus: Patty Griffin's gospel debut; Pillar frontman pens book; and more.
Subscriber Access Only I Dreamed a Dream
Top Story May 22, 2017
The Greatest Threat to the Church Isn’t Islam—It’s Us
The Greatest Threat to the Church Isn’t Islam—It’s Us
A leading Nigerian theologian believes the real danger to Christianity in Africa is in the church.