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May 2010Volume 54, Number 5
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Table of Contents
The massive global migration we see today presents unparalleled opportunities for ministry.
The president of Compassion International tells his story of childhood abuse and deliverance in a West Africa boarding school.
The story behind the cover story.
Most Americans—including Scripture-loving evangelicals—cannot name the disciples, the Ten Commandments, or the first book of the Bible. But that's not our biggest biblical illiteracy problem.
What would the church look like if it put we before me?
Recent remarks from John Piper, Miley Cyrus, and more.
Recent deaths, hires, and other transitions in the Christian world.
Karl Giberson, Stephen C. Meyer, and Marcus Ross chart ways intelligent design can gain academic credibility.
The charismatic renewal has disappeared like yeast into bread dough.
Book Reviews:
N.T. Wright says character matters, but thinks the Reformers disagreed.
Picks from Robert Benson, author of 'In Constant Prayer.'
Living with HIV as a pastor, husband, and father.
'Science vs Religion,' 'Silk Parachute,' and 'Thereby Hangs a Tail.'
Beth Moore tackles a menacing issue for many women.
In Every Issue
How to read the Global Conversation upside down.
Top Story May 26, 2016
Just a Vessel: Actor Malachi Kirby on ‘Roots,’ Kunta Kinte, and God
Just a Vessel: Actor Malachi Kirby on ‘Roots,’ Kunta Kinte, and God
The star of the History Channel's "Roots" talks about his faith, his strange route toward his iconic role, and what he learned from playing Kunta Kinte.