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"When [people] believe that their religion answers to a superior God than that of others, the nation is in peril."
Raila Odinga, prime minister of Kenya, addressing the country's Pentecostal Assembly of God.
Source: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)

"This is an unforgivable act to divide the nation."
Son An-shik, a South Korean Buddhist leader, on President Lee Myeong Bak kneeling in prayer at a Christian national prayer service.

"I don't think it's a very religious story."
Darren Aronofsky (director of Black Swan and The Wrestler), on his planned $130 million film about Noah's ark. (2007's Evan Almighty ark film reportedly cost $175 million.)
Source: Independent Film Channel (IFC)

"Most of them are bi-vocational … so most aren't able to get to the Convention and the state meetings because of their job schedules. But times are changing now …."
Fred Luter, the first black pastor to serve as first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, on why the denomination has 5,000 African American churches but few minority leaders.
Source: Time

"He who tears down that temple, may God judge him and his offspring."
Serbian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro, in Christmas comments about the possible demolition of a local church. He is now on trial for hate speech.

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