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December (Web-only) 2011

Subscriber Access Only The Iron Lady
Meryl Streep shines as Margaret Thatcher in a film that tries to do too much.
Subscriber Access Only Resolving to Lose More than Pounds
What theology might have to do with your New Year's resolution.
Subscriber Access Only Notable Sacred Music for 2011
From an 11-year-old prodigy to traditional choral favorites, some of the year's best.
Subscriber Access Only War Horse
Spielberg's latest is a rousing, inspiring tale of a horse and his boy in World War I.
Subscriber Access Only The Adventures of Tintin
This Indiana Jones knock-off adventure has astonishing visual effects but little humanity.
Subscriber Access Only We Bought a Zoo
Great acting, solid characters, and a lot of heart make this otherwise average movie work.
Subscriber Access Only The Christmas Epistles: A Most Human Understanding of Godliness
Incarnational grace in the Pastoral Epistles.
Subscriber Access Only A Christmas Prayer
We, like the shepherds in the field, like the woman at the tomb, are astonished, trembling in wonder and in fear.
Subscriber Access Only The Fearsome and the Childlike in the Films of Steven Spielberg
America's most popular director hits the big screen again this week with two new projects.
Subscriber Access Only How Charity Can Be Toxic, Just in Time for Christmas
Bob Lupton explains how to avoid destroying dignity.
Subscriber Access Only The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Violence and darkness pervade in undeniably affecting film.
Subscriber Access Only Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Superb action and skillful direction combine for a fasten-your-seat-belts thrill ride.
Subscriber Access Only Snapshots of the Shattered Soul
Subscriber Access Only Album of the Year Winner Josh Garrels
The multi-talented indie artist made 2011's best CD. And you can have it for free.
Subscriber Access Only The 2011 CT Music Awards
Christianity Today picks its top 12 albums of the year.
Subscriber Access Only Christopher Hitchens Has Died, Doug Wilson Reflects
How to think about the death of the outspoken atheist.
Subscriber Access Only Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
Downey and Law return to Guy Ritchie's stylish, comical, and ultimately uneven Holmes universe.
Subscriber Access Only Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
A retired secret agent is brought back secretly to search out the double agent at the top of British secret intelligence
Subscriber Access Only The Best Christmas Music of 2011
A wide variety of new yuletide music for your Christmas stocking.
Subscriber Access Only The Exodus
Subscriber Access Only Arthur's Garden
Subscriber Access Only Frank Capra's Miracle Woman
Barbara Stanwyck embodied the director's conflict between corporate religion and personal faith.
Subscriber Access Only The Artist
It's silent. It's black and white. And it's utterly delightful.
Subscriber Access Only Out of Africa: What AMIA's Exodus from Rwanda Portends for Global Christianity
Break underscores the difficulty of shifting denominational power across cultures and continents.
Subscriber Access Only Coriolanus
Lesser-known Shakespeare perfect fit for the age of Occupy Wall Street.
Subscriber Access Only New Year's Eve
It tries to make up for its lack of depth with a lot of likable stars, but it falls flat.
Subscriber Access Only Another Kind of Purity Pledge
New documentary shows African youth encouraging their peers to save it for marriage.
Subscriber Access Only Leaving Rwanda: Breakaway Anglicans Break Away Again
Dispute between African bishops and Anglican Mission in the Americas prompts U.S. leadership to leave body.
Subscriber Access Only Andrew Peterson: Christmas, Children, and 'Hutchmoot'
The singer/songwriter on his holiday album and tour, kids' books, and that funny word.
Subscriber Access Only Ready To Go
Subscriber Access Only Was it Immoral for American Airlines to File for Bankruptcy?
Why Gerard Arpey might be virtuous but wrong.
Subscriber Access Only The Descendants
An intelligent movie about grown-up problems—and the necessity of kindness and grace.
Subscriber Access Only Why We Need More 'Chaplains' and Fewer Leaders
What's a pastor for?
A Tale of Two Calvary Chapels: Behind the Movement’s Split
A Tale of Two Calvary Chapels: Behind the Movement’s Split
Chuck Smith’s successor says he is expanding founder’s vision. Other leaders say he’s diluting it.