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Whether or not you've chosen this path, a lot of what you've been known for so far is related to your sexuality and your relationship with Levi. How do you want to move on and focus on your future goals?

I think that I separated myself from that a long time ago. This book just retouches on it. But Tripp and I live a positive and productive life. I get to go and speak to pro-life groups a lot, and we're working on a project coming up, shooting a show that's charity-based. We're going to do whatever God wants us to do.

I noticed the co-author of your book is Nancy French, who started the website If your mom does run for President, will that make things awkward for you?

No, I don't think so. Regardless of who she votes for politically or anything like that we're still going to be really close.

Speaking of the race, some candidates like John Thune or Mitch Daniels passed on running for President because of family considerations. Is a presidential race something your family is ready for?

Um, I think my family has shown the country that we're capable of handling anything. If my mom decided to run for President we would be right there behind her, supporting her in any way we could.

And you know what her plans are?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know. We talk all the time. What's said at our kitchen table will remain there until she wants to make a decision publicly. We'll wait to hear that.

Do you feel like your mother has experienced extra media scrutiny?

Yeah, I think that people treat her poorly, they treat her with no respect, and I think it's because they're envious of her. She's got a good family, she's got a good husband, she's got awesome support, she's got God on her side, and I think people are envious of that. They're envious that she carries herself so well, that she's smart. There are lots of vicious people out there.

You said she has God on her side—because she's a Christian? Or because she prays?

We all have God on our side. We all know at the end of the day that we're serving him, and we're really confident with our religion.

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