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March (Web-only) 2011

Atheists in the Foxholes—as Chaplains
Why the military's inclusion of non-believing chaplains matters.
Remembering Charlton Heston
Fraser Heston on his dad's greatest films, including 'Ten Commandments' and 'Ben-Hur', and his father's commitment to family and faith.
Group Criticizes Attorney General's Proposed Prison Rape Standards
Critics say the new standards, which take effect April 4, do not require any enforcement mechanism.
Once Upon a Time
Disney animator Glen Keane believes in the power of fairy tales—and the power of heaven. His latest creation, 'Tangled', releases to video today.
Shine Among the Shadow
We Do What We Want
All Eternals Deck
Something Big
Why There Are Still Atheists
The heavens aren't the only proclaimers (and are sometimes silent).
Sucker Punch
Cool action and visuals can't save an incomprehensible story about girls overcoming reality through fantasy.
Creation Museum Founder Disinvited from Homeschooling Conferences
Conference organizer said that Ken Ham made 'unnecessary, ungodly, and mean-spirited' comments about Biologos's Peter Enns.
The 5th Quarter
This college football drama about a family's tragic loss is too clunky and melodramatic for its own good.
A Jewish filmmaker creates a stirring biography ... about a Palestinian.
I Am
The director of 'Bruce Almighty' explores human nature, but falls just short of pointing to Christ.
Idolatry, the Gospel, and the Imitation of God
Why evangelicals have taken such an interest in idols.
Why Natural Law Arguments Make Evangelicals Uncomfortable
A recent paper highlights the differences between evangelical and Catholic defense of traditional marriage.
Desperately Seeking Solace
Tom Shadyac's new documentary, 'I Am', searches for answers to life's big questions.
The Seas We Sail
Echoing Angels
Our God Is Near
Hello Fear
I Remember Me
Priest Pressured to Give Up Muslim Lent
The Rev. Steve Lawler faced being defrocked if he continued to practice Islamic rituals for Lent.
Q & A: Herman Cain on Faith, Calling, and Presidential Aspirations
CT talks with the pizza magnate about his potential candidacy, cancer, and views of Islam.
After Japan Earthquake, Groups Question Nuclear Power
Also, several Christian relief agencies are on the ground.
Win Win
A funny and touching dramedy about compassion, morality, family, and high school wrestling.
Jane Eyre
This lean, restrained adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel sparks with passion and life.
The Lincoln Lawyer
A twisty courtroom drama is energized by Matthew McConaughey and a conflict between innocence and evil.
This thriller about pills that make you smarter is really pretty dumb—but in a good way.
Sin in the Double Helix
Reports linking moral behavior to genetic traits actually prove Scripture's claims, not undermine them.
The Uganda Conspiracy Theory
Activists have targeted the country as murderously homophobic.
It's All About the Fall
Author Grant Horner believes every film is ultimately about the human condition—and that watching movies is serious business that requires solid discernment.
At the Edge of Imperfection
Bird in the Tangle
I Have Not Seen the Wind
Songs for Israel
The Rapper in Rehab
Rising star Lecrae says he was addicted to self; now Jesus is his "drug of choice."
Why a Jailed Missionary in Haiti Is Getting Little Attention
Danny Pye has been jailed for five months without charges.
Not Many of You Should Presume to Be Bloggers
How social media changed theological debate.
Battle: Los Angeles
Overblown marines-fight-aliens blockbuster is devoid of anything amusing.
Red Riding Hood
Catherine Hardwicke revisits 'Twilight' territory in another dark fantasy love triangle.
Lent in Narnia
Would C.S. Lewis have renounced Turkish Delight from Ash Wednesday to Easter?
iPhone Apps and the Old Adam
A meditation on corporate confession for Ash Wednesday.
Here Among Us
50 Year Celebration
Thank You
Here for You
Anthem Song
Collapse Into Now
Small Source of Comfort
Behind Egypt's Revolution
Away from news cameras, Christian, Muslim youth rediscover common ground.
Subscriber Access Only Polling Evangelicals: Not Pro-Union, but Split Over Unions Versus Government
A Pew Research Center survey suggests evangelicals have the lowest favorability toward government employee unions of any religious group.
A sweet comedy about twentysomethings learning that real relationships take commitment.
Unless you're a teen girl, the name pretty much says it all.
Johnny Depp stars in this imaginative, visually impressive, and silly animated feature.
The Adjustment Bureau
A discussion-worthy film about fate and free will that's ultimately a love story.
Why This 'Secret Millionaire' Went Public
Entrepreneur Dani Johnson on the Bible, giving, and ABC's new reality show
Pope Benedict XVI Points Fingers on Who Killed Jesus
Jews bear no collective guilt for crucifixion, he says.
Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan's Most Prominent Christian, Assassinated (Updated)
Minister for Minorities Affairs had predicted his death in a recent interview.
Subscriber Access Only Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell: Putting the Pastor in Context
He's not the first to try to resolve old biblical tensions in new ways.
Fate, Free Will, and Romance
'The Adjustment Bureau' writer and director tackles the question, "Why are we here?"
It Took the Fire
The Mission Field
Know Hope Collective
Long Player, Late Bloomer
I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania
I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania
And then I shared it with the man the government sent to kill me.