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UPDATED 1/4: Passion 2013: Live from Atlanta
Courtesy of 2013 Passion Conferences
UPDATED 1/4: Passion 2013: Live from Atlanta

Update: Passion Days 3 and 4

Passion Conference attendees gathered in Atlanta's International Plaza Thursday night for a candlelight vigil honoring the victims of human trafficking worldwide. Nearly 60,000 students surrounded a digital projection promoting the "End It Movement," featuring a spotlight "reaching up to the heavens to proclaim the glory of God."

The beam reached approximately three miles into the sky, and the illumination required Federal Aviation Administration clearance.

At the conclusion of Passion Conference Friday, attendees and online contributors had raised just over $2,900,000 to combat human trafficking worldwide.

Passion Conference founder Louie Giglio preached the conference's closing session Friday with a message on Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones. He then sent students out of the Georgia Dome with a call to action.

"The issue in the world today is not about you and me waiting on the Lord—it's a lot more about the Lord waiting on you," Giglio said. "God is waiting on you right now to get up and stand on your feet—your freedom is for freedom."

According to Giglio, Passion 2014 will meet again in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta during a weekend in late January or early February 2014.

Passion Day 2

At the conclusion of Passion 2013's main session Wednesday night, 60,000 conference attendees had raised nearly $370,000 to donate to numerous human trafficking organizations supported by Passion's "Freedom Campaign" and newly launched "End It Movement" (@enditmovement). An additional $40,000 came in from online donations, bringing the funds raised in 24 hours to just over $410,000.

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UPDATED 1/4: Passion 2013: Live from Atlanta
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