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Is Germany’s Refugee Crisis a Muslim Mission Field?
Christian denomination of 3 million says 'strategic mission' to convert Muslims goes against 'the spirit' of Jesus.
From Tent City to Tiny Houses
Churches try hip solution to aid the homeless.
Sherry Turkle: How to Keep Your iPhone from Destroying Your Relationships
The MIT expert weighs in on our worst technology sins.
Church Attendance Plunges after Nepal Becomes a Secular State
Christians mostly welcomed new constitution. Nepal’s main trading partner did not.
Goodbye 'Bathroom Bill': Houston Voters Reject New LGBT Protections
Inspired by subpoenaed sermons, conservative Christians overturn HERO.
How a PTSD Diagnosis Can Help, and Harm
Psychological diagnoses can tell someone they are not alone. They can also be used to alienate even further.
Massive Survey Shows How US Christians Changed from 2007 to 2014
(UPDATED) The rich in faith get richer while the poor get poorer, according to Pew.
Subscriber Access Only How Christians Can Flourish in a Same-Sex-Marriage World
By many accounts, orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can live well—not vanish—in a time of retreat.
Subscriber Access Only Why Settle for the 'Wilberforce Option' When We Have Dr. King?
There is a model for cultural engagement that doesn't depend on power and privilege.
Subscriber Access Only Coming to Terms with a Post-Christian World
Our culture is radically rejecting Christian faith; our response must be radical, too.
Subscriber Access Only Faithfulness and Bridge-Building Go Together
Our cultural influence begins with faithfulness to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ.
Why Guatemala Elected an Evangelical Entertainer as Its New President
Voters hope Jimmy Morales will do better than the last two times they gave evangelicals the top job.
Does Halloween Scare Off Americans? New Data from LifeWay Research
How do you view the holiday? Share your thoughts in the comments.
China Ends One-Child Policy, Adopts Two-Child Policy
(UPDATED) But Communist Party's shift does not address the root problem, say watchdog groups.
Why Presidential Candidates Can’t Ignore Black Lives Matter
And neither can Christians.
Ponder Christian Soldiers
A new web series on the experience of Christian soldiers.
We Should Expect Non-Christians to Share Our Morals
Both natural and civil law, as God designed, tell us why.
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Crisis Averted: Christian Colleges Avoid Split over Same-Sex Marriage
Eastern Mennonite U and Goshen College leave CCCU, rather than cause more dissension.
Subscriber Access Only John Danforth: I'm Not Absolutely Right, and You're Not Absolutely Wrong
The former senator and United Nations ambassador says religious people should be the leading voices for political compromise.
Subscriber Access Only Gleanings: November 2015
Important developments in the church and the world.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3200 ARTICLES
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Bedeviled by My Wife's Dementia
Bedeviled by My Wife's Dementia
My expertise in philosophy did not give me the answers I needed.
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