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Accused MK Counterfeiter Asks To Be Released to YWAM
Son of Uganda missionaries allegedly smuggled $400,000 into US inside child sponsorship pamphlets.
Make Peace
The Christian's best option is love.
What One Religious Liberty Scholar Thinks Conservative Christians Have in Common with LGBT Activists
Thomas Berg on what both sides must to do move the polarized situation forward.
Christians Say Predatory Payday Loans Are Sinful
Here's how many US believers use such loans, and what they think the maximum interest should be.
Six Tips for Women Afraid to Talk Politics
Or anyone looking to prepare for tough conversations.
The Bible Joins Fifty Shades Among Top 10 Most Challenged Books
Move over, 'Fun Home.' More people asked American schools and libraries to remove Scripture last year.
Sweden Can't Deport Christian Convert Back to Iran (Yet)
Canada also stalled over Iranian Christian 'war criminal', while Czech Republic will deport 25 Iraqi Christians.
James Dobson: Why Children Are a National Blessing
Under-population is the deeper global problem.
Saturday is for Seminars—Moody Church Global Outreach Conference
I'm looking forward to being at Moody Church for this great event.
Why International Adoptions by Americans Have Hit a 35-Year Low
Most of the decline comes from three countries.
Reading Esther in the Shadow of ISIS
A Jewish philosopher’s perspective on how God delivers his people from radical evil.
'God’s Not Dead' Scratches an Evangelical Itch
Alissa Wilkinson on why the film’s persecution narrative resonates with so many American Christians.
Stop Calling Ted Cruz a Dominionist
The Christian candidate's faith influences his platform, but not in the ways most critics assume.
Canada Thinks It Has a Better Way to Defend Religious Freedom
New government shuts down Office of Religious Freedom modeled after US version.
A Smart Fashion Mag Is Hard to Find
The quest for style writing that informs and inspires, not shames and sells.
The Theology of Ted Cruz
Questions raised by the candidate’s God-and-country vision.
Weekend Edition—April 1, 2016
More fun than you can imagine.
It Starts With "Shukran"
Perhaps learning a new language is your next discipleship move.
Why We Mourn for Pakistan’s Christians
Persecuted church advocate K. A. Ellis on what it takes for the Western Church to support its beleaguered brothers and sisters.
Malaysia Rules Muslim Man Can Convert to Christianity
Judge's landmark decision offers hope to Malay Christians amid Bible seizures and 'Allah' bans.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3407 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 3, 2016
Cover Story: Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Cover Story: Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'--or dangerous?
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