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Restoring Our Faith in Marriage
Despite our negativity, most couples aren’t doomed for divorce.
Today’s Lesson: Girls Rule, Boys Drool
The difference between playground chatter and harmful messages.
John Perkins: The Sin of Racism Made Ferguson Escalate So Quickly
The Christian civil rights leader responds to the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Home Sweet Home, Again
Like a growing number of adults, I find support, love, and lodging in an obvious place: my parents’ home.
Shark Week Jumps the Shark
Discovery Channel's popular (and once educational) series gets trapped in gimmick.
When Black Victims Become Trending Hashtags
African Americans are speaking out against modern-day racism. But who's listening?
A Christian Response to Trolling
It’s not always easy to "love thy hateful commenter as thyself."
A Regional Supermarket Shakeup and America’s Split Corporate Culture
Market Basket was known for doing things differently. Now the community is rallying against company changes.
The Staying Power of Emotional Abuse
Yes, I had my virginity, but I lost my connection to my humanity.
China Frees Gao Zhisheng: Top 10 Lawyer Now Country's Persecuted 'Conscience'
(UPDATED) China watchers worry Christian human rights activist will be subject to house arrest.
Michael Lindsay: Go Where Decisions Are Made
A Christian college president’s take on power, influence, and the habits of highly successful people.
A Mother's Hope for a Better World
The significance of raising good kids in an age of bad news.
So Much More to Sex than 'Fifty Shades'
Society overlooks true intimacy when we idolize the pleasure of steamy sex.
When Bullying Becomes Spiritual Warfare
Insults and intimidation threaten children’s perceptions of God.
Are 90 Percent of Babies Diagnosed with Down Syndrome Really Aborted?
Dispelling the myths about Down syndrome, and telling the good story.
Sorry 666: Churches Fear 990 More
How more ministries going digital could unwittingly aid atheists targeting church tax breaks.
Mosul Christian: Thanks for Changing Your #WeAreN Photo
Believers in Iraq rally around label that forced them out of their homes and churches.
Faith and Politics: Living the Golden Rule
At the intersection of faith and politics, Christians must consider the Golden Rule.
Confessions of a Cosplay Mom
How this Christian parent learned to embrace the wacky Comic-Con scene.
What We Talk About When We Talk About 'Birth Control'
Meaningful debate requires us to define the terms of discussion.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2661 ARTICLES
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Top Story August 28, 2014
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
As more women top the charts, their Christian counterparts struggle to break through.
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