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5 Guidelines for Living in a Pluralist Society
Protestant Christianity is losing the mainstream status it once enjoyed. How to model a winsome faith anyway.
The Deeper Draw of YA
Grown-up readers find a necessary reminder of our brokenness and vulnerability.
Subscriber Access Only Why We Lost the Marriage Plot
And how Christians in the arts can bring it back.
Subscriber Access Only On the Edge of Extinction
For Mideast Christians, 2014 has been a year of bloody disaster. Could this be the end for these earliest churches?
Subscriber Access Only A Church Organized for Outsiders
Philip Yancey lays out a new way to witness in post-Christian America.
Subscriber Access Only We're So Vain
'Vainglorious', that is. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung examines an obscure vice that entraps us all.
Working Moms, On Screen and Behind the Camera
Documentarian Laura Waters Hinson creates films to reflect the ultimate narrative.
Why Hong Kong Matters: More Than Politics at Stake
Chinese control threatens the freedom, dignity, and happiness of millions.
Hot-N-Ready and Made With Love
Dinner’s about the act of serving, not what’s being served.
How Abortion Stories Overtook Life Ethics
Anecdotes aren’t enough to determine morality.
Ebola and the Clean Water Crisis
How Christian orgs in Africa are shifting from development to emergency relief to help fight the outbreak.
On Being An Angry ______ Person
For minorities, there is a big difference between having an anger problem and having a problem that makes you angry.
From Midriffs to Social Media: Parenting Teen Girls in the 21st Century
Don’t let the topic fool you. ‘Enough’ is full of substance and wisdom.
Why Men Should Read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In
Change depends upon women and men working together to transform the social structures of work and family life.
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My Top 5 Books for Political Leaders
Joshua Dubois, president Obama's former spiritual advisor, recommends readings for those in positions of authority.
Careful What You Click For
A call to steward our page views well.
Subscriber Access Only Working For Justice Will Make You Uncomfortable
Eugene Cho wonders whether we're willing to go beyond paying lip service to social change.
When Missions Opportunities Aren’t Pretty
The topics that make us uncomfortable can spur the church to action.
Subscriber Access Only Why ISIS Must Be Stopped
But no special pleading on behalf of Christians is required.
Why I Celebrate Black History Month
Black history month is not just for black people. It's for all people.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2719 ARTICLES
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Mark Labberton: This Is the Best of Times for Following Jesus
Mark Labberton: This Is the Best of Times for Following Jesus
The Fuller Seminary president sees the church’s moment of cultural exile as a moment of incredible opportunity.
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