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Christians, Are You Ready For Some Football?
Another season, another round of football debates.
Our Bodies, Our Selfies: On Body Image Online
The approval-seeking scrutiny of social media’s selfie-mania.
Subscriber Access Only Life Together, Again
After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever.
Stem Cell Concerns Don't Freeze Evangelical Enthusiasm for Ice Bucket Challenge
(UPDATED) ALS raises $100 million in 30 days; pro-life groups worry about embryonic research.
It's Time to Listen: "We Don't All Look Alike," a guest post by Carl Ellis, Jr.
Carl Ellis, Jr. shares a bit about what fueled his rage following Michael Brown's funeral.
The Real Benefits of Spanish-Immersion Elementary School
It’s not just about speaking another language.
Thursday is for Thinkers: "It's Time to Listen: Kingdom Cooperation," a guest post by Brett Fuller
Pastor Brett Fuller stops by the blog to share how his multi-ethnic church works together for the Kingdom.
Israel’s Christian Schools Threaten Strike over Government's 'Oppressive Steps'
'Don’t stop us from carrying on our mission,' say 50 schools as Jewish state slashes support.
Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage: An Interview with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell
John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell share their thoughts on how evangelicals must address same-sex marriage.
Subscriber Access Only The Wrong Kind of Christian
I thought a winsome faith would win Christians a place at Vanderbilt’s table. I was wrong.
It's Time To Listen: "The Importance of Perspective," a guest post by Stacy Hilliard
Former police officer Stacy Hilliard shares about the importance of perspective in situations like that in Ferguson, MO.
On the Ground in Ferguson
Beauty, lament, and sitting together at the foot of the cross.
When Childhood Has Become a Race
Goodbye busy summer, hello busy school year: What have we lost in the rush?
It's Time to Listen: "The Lie," a guest post by Lisa Sharon Harper
Lisa Sharon Harper shares some reflections upon returning home from Ferguson, Missouri about the lie we still believe.
It's Time to Listen: "How We Can Learn From One Another," a guest post by Philip Fletcher
Pastor Philip Fletcher shares how people of different ethnicities can work together.
The Ones I Love
Who knew that dinner out with friends could be so misleading?
How Gaza’s Christians View the Hamas-Israeli Conflict
Baptist pastor Hanna Massad speaks openly about what he sees happening as he helps to shelter Gaza’s Christians and others during the current conflict.
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It's Time to Listen: "Will White Evangelicals Ever Acknowledge Systemic Injustice? (Part 2)," a guest post by Leonce Crump
Pastor Leonce Crump, in part one of a two part mini-series, addresses systemic injustice.
White Christians: It's Time to Stand in Solidarity With Your Black Brothers and Sisters
The history that led us to Ferguson. A guest post by Christena Cleveland
Ebola and the Glory of God: An Interview with Nancy Writebol's Family (including Nancy's Comments)
Nancy Writebol has been released from the hospital. I interviewed her family about how they've dealt with the situation.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2684 ARTICLES
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The Bible Is More Than a 'Mystery'
The Bible Is More Than a 'Mystery'
Peter Enns makes the case that Scripture doesn't tell us everything. So does it tell us anything?
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