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Pilgrimage and Travel

Although less common in evangelical culture than in Eastern spirituality, travel and pilgrimage are faith-deepening tools and significant expressions of Sabbath for many contemporary Christians. The natural destination for the Christian traveler—and all Abrahamic pilgrims—is the Holy Land, but other sites and experiences have also become destinations for spiritual development: the “thin places” of Celtic Ireland, the Taizé community of Northern France, National Parks, megachurches, short term missions trips, even theme parks such as The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. Often the greatest benefit of spiritual travel is a rediscovery of place and a renewed interest in finding God in the spaces we inhabit.

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  • Blessed. Cursed. Claimed. - National Geographic Magazine
    I join them both after trekking north over the course of 381 days from Africa, out of the biological cradle of humankind in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia, and into the rise of agriculture, the invention of written language, the birthplace of supreme deities: the Fertile Crescent. My slow journey is part of a project called the Out of Eden Walk, whose aim is to retrace, step-by-step, the pathways of the Stone Age ancestors who discovered our world. I plan to ramble for seven years to the last corner of the Earth reached by our species: the southernmost tip of South America. When I describe my trajectory to Goren, he replies, “Yes. You’ve come up from the south, like Abraham.”
  • More Popular than Ever, Way of St. James Still Offers Enlightenment
    More than 200,000 people followed the Way of St. James last year. And this year, those who make money from the steady stream of wayfarers are in a particularly celebratory mood. (Spiegel)

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