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    • Nigeria Corruption Caused By Christian Churches? Pastor Sunday Adelaja Blames Religious Leaders For Immoral Values
      A Nigerian-born pastor in Ukraine has blamed Nigerian churches and religious leaders for the West African country’s widespread corruption, which has crippled the economy. Sunday Adelaja, founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of God in Kiev, one of the largest evangelical churches in Eastern Europe, said corrupt practices and immoral values were promoted in the pulpits of Nigeria’s religious institutions,
    • War on religion: Orthodox Christian priests, churchgoers face threats in Ukraine — RT News
      Using both the years-long strife between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its breakaway Kiev branch, as well as allegations of the Moscow-tied Orthodox priests particularly supporting anti-government fighters in eastern Ukraine, radical activists have distributed leaflets with alarming threats addressed to the clergy and parishioners. Since July, twelve Moscow Patriarchate churches have been taken over and transferred to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Kiev Patriarchate, with support from nationalist groups.

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