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Winter 2007: Going Missions

volume 28, Issue 1

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How Would Jesus Pastor?

The unpredictable Charles Sheldon gave it a try.
Missional: Possible

Missional: Possible

Steps to transform a consumer church into a missional church.
We Aren't About Weekends

We Aren't About Weekends

We Can't Do Megachurch Anymore

What happens when an "attractional church" is compelled to go in a different direction?
Dangers of Missionalism

Dangers of Missionalism

Even the best causes can become cold, prideful, and all-consuming.

Wreck the Roof

Are you willing to take apart the church to bring people to Jesus?


Dissing IllusionmentSubscriber Access Only

What unhappy 20s want from church.

New OwnershipSubscriber Access Only

Missional is more than a trend as today's Christians recover an old calling.

Money-Back TithingSubscriber Access Only


Church Is Simple. No, ReallySubscriber Access Only

Simple Church book review.


Lent for the Non-LiturgicalSubscriber Access Only

What Is "Biblical" Giving?

What Is "Biblical" Giving?Subscriber Access Only

A diversity of giving styles are illustrated in Scripture—not just one.

Bonus Articles

From First Chair to Second Fiddle

Your calling to ministry may lead from senior pastor to associate.

A Steady Rhythm

The not-so-secret key to effective ministry and leadership.

All Articles

Preaching with Half a Brain

Does your sermon prep employ both the left and right sides of your skull?
Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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