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Fall 2012: Ministry's Core

volume 33, Issue 4

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From The Editor

The 5 Main Things

The 5 Main ThingsSubscriber Access Only

Keeping the main thing the main thing.


Essentials of Ministry

Essentials of MinistrySubscriber Access Only

And the distractions that pull us away …
Our Presumptuous Calling

Our Presumptuous CallingSubscriber Access Only

Who am I to teach all nations and feed Jesus' sheep?
Finding God's Will Together

Finding God's Will Together

How to help a group discern God's leading
The Essence of a Pastor

The Essence of a Pastor

Five pastors share stories about the core of their calling.
To Serve and Protect

To Serve and ProtectSubscriber Access Only

How pastors guard the flock
Fireworks or a Candle?

Fireworks or a Candle?Subscriber Access Only

A Spanish pastor's reflections on the work that lasts.
Building a Battle-Ready Team

Building a Battle-Ready TeamSubscriber Access Only

Three questions to determine whether someone is a good team player.
Practicing What I Preach

Practicing What I Preach

When I saw our church's lack of adult conversions, I made a personal commitment to evangelism.
More than a Message

More than a MessageSubscriber Access Only

Our churches need to see us live out the gospel, not just talk about it.


Dancing with Caesar

Dancing with CaesarSubscriber Access Only

How can we engage politics in Christ-honoring ways?
Beer and a Bump

Beer and a BumpSubscriber Access Only

Pixelate That!

Pixelate That!Subscriber Access Only

Dramatic rise in broadcast nudity.
The Online Pastor

The Online PastorSubscriber Access Only


The Way of Discernment

The Way of DiscernmentSubscriber Access Only

Leading God's people means seeking God's guidance.
What Good Shepherds Don't Do

What Good Shepherds Don't DoSubscriber Access Only

When tending becomes controlling, we've overstepped our role.


Facing a Faction

Facing a FactionSubscriber Access Only

Avoid being ousted by a group of disgruntled members.
BibleWorks 9

BibleWorks 9

A Leadership Journal review

Bonus Articles

Balancing Acts

Balancing ActsSubscriber Access Only

Tim Keller and Andy Stanley explain what it takes to get ministry right.
Ministering to Mormons

Ministering to MormonsSubscriber Access Only

Reaching Mormons demands understanding their theology and culture.
Lessons from the Joshua Tree

Lessons from the Joshua TreeSubscriber Access Only

Nurturing a church plant in tough, really tough, soil


Church Unity

Church Unity

Official Criticism

Official Criticism

Young Pastors

Young Pastors

Tending Flock

Tending Flock

New Pastors

New Pastors

Editor's Pick
Between Two Worlds

Between Two WorldsSubscriber Access Only

How two pastors are helping people integrate faith and work.
Sister Sites
Recovering from a Big ProjectBuilding Church Leaders

Recovering from a Big Project